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Co.LAB is a female-run, multifunctional, creative space which strives to support the societal, cultural and creative needs of artists, as humans first, and as a part of a growing community. Holding the values of  transparency and collaboration at our core, we commit to creating and maintaining an environment that meets the ever-changing needs of the Toronto art community.

Co.LAB hopes to help build the bridge for pre-professional dancers in order to help them further develop their dance career but also cultivate a welcoming space for recreational artists seeking a studio that offers positive energy and a place for them to enjoy their artistic leisure.

Building a better community, together #letscoLABorate

Director drawings made by @angelina_ds_art

Lyza is a Filipina-Torontonian aspiring artist who’s passion for dance started at the early age of 3.  Growing up and training as a competitive dancer under Toronto Dance Industry, a family-run dance studio for 10+ years has allowed her to witness, first-hand, what benefits reap from a well-maintained, tight-knit, supportive community.


Toronto Dance Industry has taught Lyza, how to create lasting relationships, determination, and later, teamwork as she joined the teaching faculty in 2016. Lyza’s first taste of Toronto’s Dance Community was through her high school dance team. Shortly after high school, Lyza joined K9 Collective, where she was able to dive deeper into creating connections within the dance community while also exercising her abilities of artistry and discipline. In 2017, Lyza found her love of heels through her time on Sensual Heeling company under the direction of Kaela Faloon. Lyza continues to pursue her artistry and has had the pleasure of working for and  teaching at some of Toronto’s most pristine dance studios. Currently, Lyza continues to refine herself as a female, artist and active member of the Toronto dance community.


With Co.LAB, Lyza hopes to create a space that supports artists, regardless of where they are in their artistic journey and welcomes them as their authentic selves. 



Studio Director



Studio Director

Kristina Soliman is a graduate of Ryerson University’s Global Management Studies and an alumni of UHHU Ryerson. 


Kristina has been a member of Couples for Christ-Youth since she was 13 and it was here that she discovered her love of her faith as well as event planning, music, and dance. At a young age, Kristina always had a desire to pursue her own business venture, but did not discover a venture she was passionate about until 2020. 


Upon graduation, Kristina has solidified her goal to be a creative missionary through her pursuit in both entrepreneurship and art. Although new to the industry, Kristina is happy to learn as much as she can from her co-directors, mentors, and from the artists that she meets. Through Co.LAB, she hopes to support artists who strive for a career in the arts, as well as artists who have yet to discover their passions.



Director of Graphics & Social Media 

Justine Rosario is an aspiring graphic designer situated in Scarborough, Ontario. 

Currently studying Media Production at Ryerson University, Justine quickly developed her love for digital art. Growing up as a womxn of colour, she noticed the lack of BIPOC and female representations in art and media. She made it a goal for herself to always create art with inclusivity in mind. Being a part of co.LAB as Director of Graphics gives her the opportunity to not only pursue her passions, but help create more representation in the media. 

Aside from designing graphics, Justine will most likely be taking dance classes or training in rehearsal. Her passion for dance stems from her experience dancing in high school. After graduating she joined UHHU Ryerson to continue her training. Much like her goal for digital design, she strives to uplift the female, BIPOC, and LGBTQAI+ dance communities in Toronto.



Director of Outreach 

Zoe Virola's values lie in positivity and helping wherever she can. Zoe has been dancing since she was 5 and found her love for street styles at the age of 13. She danced at Jade's Hip Hop Academy for 7 years where she traveled all over the world to compete and perform. In 2017, Zoe found K9 Collective. She spent most of her university years competing and training with what soon became her dance family.


Zoe now joins the Co.Lab team as Director of ARTESPACE. Pursuing to create a non-profit organization for the Arts community, her visions and goals aligned well Co.Lab's. "I hope to see more support within the community. The GTA is filled with so many talented people, it'd be upsetting to not see them succeed. I know Co.Lab will do a great job providing opportunities and resources we artists need.


Alissa Dawn is an emerging Filmmaker and Choreographer. She expresses her artistry through visual storytelling that focuses on portraying nuanced emotion and highlighting female representation. Alissa has experience working on set with well known brands/artists working as a Cinematographer, AC and Editor, as well as 15 years of multi-disciplinary dance training. With this, she hopes to build inclusivity and collaboration with like-minded individuals in the industry, while indefinitely expanding her own skills as an artist.


Director of Videography 

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